Business Owners Need to Laugh More

Undoubtedly, being a business owner is no laughing matter. This is where you spend a good third of your life, fixated on the bottom line so you can outperform youLaughing Facer competitors and increase your profitability. Nevertheless, it’s been proven that you benefit from laughing because it reduces stress and most business owners whether they know it or not are under an enormous amount of stress.

Some people forget that work is just a part of life—you’re not supposed to do it alone and become consumed by it. There is so much you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant, who encourages you to laugh more and enjoy your work and be passionate about your personal life. Take your business seriously but STOP trying to do it all! Lighten up a bit and delegate, your virtual assistant wants to remove your stress, she can handle most everything you do and possibly you will avoid a coronary.

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