Small Business Owners find it difficult to delegate, and long hours add pressure. Fatigue, one of the most commonly overlooked small business challenges, can leave you disorganized, forgetful and cranky, not paying as much attention to clients as you should, and making mistakes.


Business owners must pace themselves, which includes embracing strategic delegation, something that for any highly motivated individual isn’t easy. Start by identifying business elements that don’t require your expertise, such as research, event planning, making appointments, or creating spreadsheets, the list is endless. Then hire a Virtual Assistant, for those tasks – after all, it’s an investment that frees you up to do what you do best!

You could also consider delegating tasks that are outside your skillset to specialists, such as accountants or legal experts – the results will likely be more professional and can save you endless headaches.

You could also invest in automation of simple functions, for instance by using customer service apps, or financial management solutions. It’s important to get on top of these things, because taking time out is critical for your health and well being, not to mention family relationships. Get into the habit of scheduling your day – analyze if you work best in the morning or after lunch, the time you’d like to put into leisure or family, and create schedules that identify key activities and how long they’re likely to take.


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