The best way to increase your business is to get rid of the projects that take you away from your business. I love working with entrepreneurs, small businesses and assisting with the tasks that are taking you from increasing your income.

Organization has always been where I excelled starting with my first job as secretary to the CEO of a company that sold tractors. Working many years in the airline industry, helped improve my organization and problem solving skills. After retiring from the airline industry, I improved my administrative assistant skills and even added more skills prior to launching RenaeMcGregor.com business in 2010.

The Early Years:

As soon as computers were available to the public I was hooked, after my day job I would spend many evenings (after my daughters went to bed) learning the computer through tutorials that came with the computer programs.  My favorite shopping trip is not to Nordstrom although I love the store, but what really calls my name is Office Depot or Staples, if I have the time I could spend hours in there. I always come home with more than was on my list.




Take Control of your To Do List.

At Renae McGregor Virtual Assistant, my goal is to make your business more profitable by providing you with an advanced level of support and guidance.